L'autre Côté de la Peur

by To Be Gentle

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This album is about different fears we have experienced and have overcome throughout our lives, as well as being comfortable with experiencing the uncomfortable. This album is dedicated to Samuel Beeker, who has been a larger-than-life influence, supporter, and member of To Be Gentle. We love you.


released November 8, 2019

Recorded and edited by Lucas Fisher. Mixed and mastered by Derek Frazier. Additional recording and editing done by Derek Frazier

Cover art done by Gwen Oudomphanh @orest3s

Thank you to: Ruthie, Lucas, Niklas, Derek, Sam, Craig, Kristine, Zac, Alyssa, Conor, John Fisher, Ellen Klowden, Luke, Suzie, Austin, Max Milgrim, Jamie Giles, Burt, Jake Dixon, Rosa, Tim, Mason, Gwen, Matylda, Larry Jablon, Doug Coleman, Flo, Sucie, Jordyn, Kaylee, and everyone who has supported us so dearly thus far.
Thank you to Quiet Fear, Senza, Clavel, ...and its name was Epyon, Tolls, Counsil, Vientre, Mai, and all the close friends we have made through music. Thank you for your support.


all rights reserved



To Be Gentle Camarillo, California

Southern California screamo

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Track Name: Flesh and Blood, Bone and Dream
Here, like skeletons we lived
Rose-tinted skin covers a slight frame
Like a blanket that is too small to fit us both
Rot lays its roots into my body and mind
I spit in the face of my reflection
But it just won’t look back and see the pain I’ve caused
This is a pure lesson in self-acceptance
Fear is only temporal
And I could never see this through for you
And I admit that this is bigger than me
This is something beautiful:
The fear of pain and growing towards the person, who I’m supposed to be
And I reach towards the sky
How could I forget?
(Realizing the nature of reality, we only experience a tiny fragment of actual reality)
How could I forget?
(It’s all filtered through our lens, it changes constantly too)
How could I forget?
(Knowing that gives me a feeling of peace that I have the power to change my reality at any moment)
How could I forget?
(By changing my perception or simply by looking around or listening)
Track Name: If You Are Reading This
If you are reading this,
We are all connected and we all love you
Some of us don’t know it yet
You are deeply loved, pass it on
I love you just the way you are right now
I love you just the way you are
Any shame or guilt you have felt in your past, it’s not your fault
You are loved in this moment
We are all connected
You are deeply loved
You are loved deeply in this moment
I love you just the way you are
Track Name: Insurmountable
I fear this looming heat will incinerate us alive
Afflicted with this primal disease, I give into the flames
This insurmountable plague lingers on
I give into the flames
Track Name: 7/14/19
Hyper-extended psyche
I begin to fade out into a pile of sordid shavings
Speckled and cracked, like paint peeling from a wall
Listless I fight the urge to concede
Like reeds in a riverbed run dry
I endure the turmoil
I hold my head high
What I don’t know is more important than what I do
What I do know, is that I forgive you
Track Name: The Thought of Losing You Terrifies Me
The night we were assaulted I wept into your arms
And embraced my strength,
The heaving of a thousand oxen
I was truly afraid
Shattered glass and blood-soaked concrete paved the way to my discovery:
I am not afflicted with disease or burden
These thoughts are a blessing and a gift,
A tenet of growth
You are the blood in my veins
I love you and I am sorry
The thought of losing you terrifies me

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